The Best of “Song to The Siren”

The results surprised me too.

“Song to The Siren” (1970) is one of the ill-fated and seminal songwriter and guitarist Tim Buckley‘s most renowned songs. It has been covered by numerous performers, and while the lyrics remain beautiful and haunting, various performances put their own spin on it.

I’ve listed my favorites in order of preference.

1. This Mortal Coil (Cocteau Twins), 1983

4AD does not do a lot wrong.  This Mortal Coil, a 4AD musical collective, recorded the most haunting rendition of “Song to The Siren”. Elizabeth Fraser sounds like a siren herself.

2. John Frusciante, 2009

Legendary rock god/douchebag John Frusciante isn’t hugely popular in his solo work or singing ability, but damn, if I don’t enjoy both. The song is from the viewpoint of a stranded seaman. John Frusciante best captures the tired, far off voice of an individual who is lost and sea and captured by something so beautiful he doesn’t quite understand it.

3. Wolf Alice, 2017
The video of Wolf Alice’s version of “Song to The Siren” is not posted on YouTube currently. Click here to hear the song on Spotify.

4. Tim Buckley, 1970

5. Robert Plant, 2002

6. Amen Dunes, 2015

7. Everyone else…even Sinead O’Connor.

Author: Keelin Billue

Chicago-based writer by way of Alabama, New Orleans, and Nashville. Writes primarily about music, sports (sort of), and the topics that piss people off at work and family holidays.

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