From the Vault: “Makin’ Graphs”

A Work Playlist

Once upon a time, I had to run a lot of stats and make a lot of graphs, and it was very tedious and boring. Annnnd I was like “HEY, KILL ME!”. I made a special playlist for that occasion called “Makin’ Graphs”.

If you’re out there tonight, reading this, and getting ready to make graphs. Listen to this, baaaaaby, and get to feelin’ right (that’s my radio persona speaking).

1. Zapp “Computer Love”

2. Gary Numan “Are Your Friends Electric?”

3. Robots in Diguise “Chains”

4. Daft Punk “One More Time”

5. Q. Lazzarus “Goodbye Horses”

Author: Keelin Billue

Chicago-based writer by way of Alabama, New Orleans, and Nashville. Writes primarily about music, sports (sort of), and the topics that piss people off at work and family holidays.

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