8 thoughts on “Vinyl Day 5: Deafheaven “Sunbather”, Fielder “Greatest Hits”, & Fielder “Songs for Children””

  1. Guess what? i got out my old’s old records out tooo! i guess, kind-of inspired by you because i haven’t listen to them for years, I’ve putted them out the box yesterday, they have been in a big huge wooden painted purple box in the corner of my living room. the 1st one I’m playing is Pink Floyd’s The Wall started it yesterday, last night but I’ve just played side 4 before 3 this morning, if you’ll like to know? Maybe not!
    Anyway i was going to say Deafheaven is amazing wicked great, i don’t think I’ve heard them before and i might just check out the whole album today! Cheers 🙂


    1. Yes! I am glad that I can be helpful instead of poaching your ideas. What else do you have in that crate!?

      I love Deafheaven. Their style changed quite a bit from the albums before the one I posted about. Their latest album was also very good. 🙂

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      1. Oh well, i can keep you updated as i put them all out, if you’ll like? Next was early 80’s The Final Cut album by PF but then also had to put on Animals album of 1977 but that’s not on vinyl. I think, that is my fave Roger Waters era album! I don’t know if you like Pink Floyd at all? but i was a totally nutcase for them in high school but really don’t listen to them much now but Syd Barrett era is my most fave PF, if you’ll like to know? Should ask you do you have a fave album by them? Or it’s not your thing?
        Listening right now to something called The Planets by Gustav Holst, which I’ve just looked up on discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Gustav-Holst-Berliner-Philharmoniker-Herbert-von-Karajan-The-Planets/master/33876
        Oh yeah, i really did enjoy Deafheaven so much, thanks again and i will listen to that one again and will check out the newer stuff tooo!
        Sorry for long reply but maybe it might be a good thing at the moment? 🙂


      2. Listen to Deafheaven again, the debut is wicked too but i think you are right about Sunbather but then again I’m just following in your foot steps! Going to check out the new stuff today too!

        You can tell me to piss off or something?but I’m thinking about and going to ask you now if i can steal your idea here? What about if I link and share your blog in my posts but i don’t if you’ll get anymore hits or followers or whatever! Let us know what you think, OK? 🙂

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      3. Hi William! I am really glad you liked it. Yes, I think Deafheaven hit their stride on the second album, and the next album after Sunbather was also pretty good.

        That would rule if you shared my posts! I am totally down with it. I write here just to get some of my thoughts and energy out (no one wants to hear me go on and on in real life), but I am super happy when people are excited about the same things I am and vice versa. I am glad you like them.

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      4. Oh cool, it will take me a few days to get it together so start sometime early next month and most likely begin with the records i was telling you about already and just focus on my old folks old records, linking your last post in my ones! I like sharing music, your blog has some great wicked stuff so you should have some more likes or comments etc. maybe I can help a little or not, you’ll see? Oh yeah, no one really wants me to talk about music i dig so it’s great that we can just blog about it and check out stuff too, going to have a listen too what you’ve posted today 🙂

        I might just buy Sunbather now but it’s most likely NOT going to be as amazing looking as your copy! 🙂


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