The Best of “Song to The Siren”

The results surprised me too.

“Song to The Siren” (1970) is one of the ill-fated and seminal songwriter and guitarist Tim Buckley‘s most renowned songs. It has been covered by numerous performers, and while the lyrics remain beautiful and haunting, various performances put their own spin on it.

I’ve listed my favorites in order of preference.

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“Cares Away” by Outlaw Cabo, Billy Ocean

An Irish Rapper and Billy Ocean Tale As Old As Time

It sounds like a funny: A white, Ireland-raised rapper with a website straight out of 2003 (and who also owns his own record label called Cracked Spud) and an international music legend collaborated and made what is one of my favorite singles of the year.

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A Leonard Cohen Song I Don’t Hate

“True Detective”, Crusty Rock Poet Guys, and Death

I don’t want to insult a dead man’s work.

But I have never cared for Leonard Cohen, strictly the singer and performer (no personal beefs here). Along with Tom Waits and, to a lesser extent, Bob Dylan, I store L.C. in the “Momentous Artists I Just Can’t Get Into (Despite a Solid Try)” Vault.

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