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Vinyl Day 2: Gino Vannelli “Storm at Sunup”, David Bowie “Blackstar”, & Dick Wellstood “Plays Ragtime Music of The Sting”

Welcome to Day 2 of my nonsensical record collection.

Artist: Gino Vannelli
Album: Storm at Sunup
Year: 1975
Genre: Jazz Pop
Record Origins: Goodwill in Lakeview, New Orleans


Gino, a follicularly (I definitely made the word up) blessed Italian-Canadian jazz pop singer, arrived here via Goodwill. At the time, it was just a funny album cover. Upon further inspection, this record was recorded under A&M Records, which I have massive respek for because Herb Alpert is one of the founders.

Anyway, I am indifferent about Gino, but the anonymous ladies on the cover of these 60s and 70s albums are always so beautiful.

Artist: David Bowie
Album: Blackstar
Year: 2016
Genre: Rock
Record Origins: Slam, Edgewater, Chicago


“Blackstar” was David Bowie’s 25th and final album– released two days before he died. David Bowie is a problematic favorite of mine. It’s hard to separate the work from the person, but it is a a real thing. Nevertheless, the music and images exist. The creative spirit is forever burned in our consciousness.

Artist: Dick Wellstood
Album: Plays Ragtime Music of The Sting
Year: 1974
Genre: Jazz Piano
Record Origins: Goodwill in Lakeview, New Orleans


Hear it below: this is the music I will go insane to during my Coronacation. And it’s only the fourth day. This is the perfect music for a boring dystopia.

Dick Wellstood is a was a jazz pianist that played a lot of sweet ragtime tunes. This particular album was in 1973 caper The Sting.

This concludes Vinyl Day 2 of ?. God I hope it gets better from here.